Stark Borehole has more than 15 years experience in finding underground water and borehole drilling using both geological and hydrogeological maps to allocate the best drilling point.

Once we have found water using our advanced water survey machines we have a 100% strike rate when it comes to drilling for water. When we drill for water we find water!


Get a borehole & get a reliable source of water all year round

Boreholes tap into natural aquafers and subterranean river systems to deliver a clean, reliable source of water all year round. Get a reliable cost-effective source of water and take your home, office or farm off the unreliable and costly municipal grid.

Stark Borehole surveys and drilling, make use of the latest auto analysis technology to find and generate accurate geological and hydrogeological maps. This allows us to drill boreholes that reliably deliver a consistent water supply for your home, business or farm. Speak to us today!

Borehole Drilling Pretoria

How does the water detection and
borehole drilling process work?

Ensuring you have reliable borehole water is a complex, multi-stage process. Skipping any of these steps can have disastrous consequences for your borehole including; poor water pressure, contaminated water supply, damage to your borehole pump & equipment, a borehole that collapses and stops working or a dry borehole which you still must pay for. Following these 6 steps gives you the best quality borehole at the right price.

Borehole Water Surveys in Gauteng
Step 1 – Borehole surveys / water detection (100% accuracy)

We used highly specialised equipment to map the hydrologic and geologic features of the ground on your property. This allows us to detect water and determine the depth as well obstacles that can prevent efficient water extraction. Without this step drilling for water is like playing the Lotto. Read more

Borehole drilling prices
Step 2 – Customer needs
analysis and quote

Once we have established that there is water (as well as the approximate depth) we do a comprehensive needs analysis to determine what size borehole will meet your needs. This info coupled with the type of pump and storage solution is used to create a custom quote.
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Borehole drilling in Gauteng
Step 3- Borehole drilling, casing, developing and capping

After the client has approved the job, we proceed with scheduling and then the drilling the borehole. Once we reach the ideal depth and find a suitable water source, we finalize the drilling process by casing the borehole, adding in a sump and clearing the borehole shaft of debris. Read more

Borehole Yield Test and Certificate of Compliance
Step 4 – Borehole yield tests
and certification

The yield test measures how much water the borehole delivers per hour and forms part of the certificate of compliance we need to issue. Banks and insurance companies require it to attach value to the borehole. It is also essential when selecting your borehole pump. Mismatching the yield and pump could be disastrous.
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Borehole Pump and Water Tank Installation Gauteng
Step 5 – Pump &
storage installation

Once the borehole is ready and the yield test has been conducted, we match the right pump with the borehole to ensure optimal yield. Once the pump has been installed and tested, we connect it to your desired water storage solution or irrigation setup, and you can begin pumping water from the borehole. Read more

Borehole Water Quality Tests
Step 6 – Water analysis
and filtering

Borehole water can be safe for human consumption but might need additional filtering to remove harmful particles and bacteria. To determine if the water is safe for human consumption, we send the water for laboratory testing. The results will provide us with the necessary insights to add additional filters to make it safe to drink. Read more

Why use Stark Borehole for your
borehole surveys and drilling?


(Please note we only service Gauteng)

Years of experience in Borehole Drilling and Water Surveys
Year’s experience:

We have over 15 years’ experience in boreholes and construction

Highly accurate Borehole Water Detection using latest technology
Highly accurate water surveys

We have a 100% accuracy rate. If we say there’s water, you can bank on it

Borehole Water Association of South Africa Approved
Industry approved and registered

We are a registered with BWASA (Borehole Water Association of South Africa)

Borehole Certificates of Compliance
We issue borehole COC's

We provide valid certificates of compliance for insurers and banks which you will need when buying or selling a property

Turnkey Borehole Services
Turnkey service provider

We manage the entire process, from borehole survey, drilling, yield test, water quality test, installation and filter system.

Borehole Experts
Quality advice, service & support

We are experts at borehole surveys and drilling and can advise you on the best solution to suit your needs


Borehole Drilling Pretoria and Gauteng
Borehole Water Drilling Gauteng

Why is it important to use a reputable borehole drilling company?

Unfortunately, there are unethical borehole drilling companies out there. Here are a couple of questions to ask any borehole company that you are considering working with. Their answers to these questions will help you determine how experienced they are at finding water and drilling.

Do they offer a comprehensive borehole water survey

A borehole water survey ensures that there is indeed water under your property. Without knowing if you have an aquifer and how deep it is you rely on the luck of the draw to find water. That could cost you thousands of Rands without any water to show for it and you ending up with a dry borehole you still need to pay for.

Do they use high precision air compressed drilling techniques?

To ensure a good supply of water you must be able to drill straight. Inferior quality equipment could drill skew shafts resulting in poor or no water supply. Moreover, to ensure the drilling company is legitimate, ask for their BWASA certificate and cross check with BWASA if its valid at the time. A skew borehole shaft goes against BWASA standards. Appointing the wrong drilling contractor could lead to a non-compliant borehole being drilled which will mean that you will not be able to get a valid Borehole Certificate (COC) for your borehole (after Borehole Yield test has been completed). The commercial banks and insurance companies require you produce a valid borehole COC to establish the value of the borehole.

Do they include 'developing’ the borehole (flushing the borehole with clean air & water after drilling)

Unless you want to drink mud, developing the borehole is essential. This process, which is conducted after water has been found, flushes the borehole clean and removes mud and other debris from the borehole. Make sure that the cost is included in your quote so that you have clear water

What type of borehole casing do they use and do they case the full length of the borehole?

Casing the full length of the borehole ensures it lasts a long time whereas not casing the borehole shaft could lead to the collapse of the borehole. Some contractors cut corners here to offer “cheap quotes”. Make sure you get quoted on class 9 uPVC casings which are belled & perforated to the correct depth and installed to the full length of the borehole. Your borehole should also be fitted with a gravel filter pack to ensure consistent water quality.

Do they offer a yield test service with a BWASA certificate?

Without knowing how much water the borehole produces we will not be able to recommend the right pump to produce optimal results. Over pumping the borehole could cause it to collapse and the motor to run dry and burn out. We therefore provide a comprehensive yield test, that takes 4.5 hours to complete, which is approved by the BWASA (Borehole Water Association of South Africa). This not only provides the info needed to select the right pump, but also allows us to certify your borehole in accordance with the SANS 10299-4:2003 specification.

Are they a member of the Borehole Water Association

Membership of the Association shows that the driller you are dealing with is committed to the long-term viability and professionalism of the industry and that the drilling company is part of a network of professionals that will ensure accountability.

Is the borehole company familiar with the area?

Working with a borehole company that has experience in your area is essential. Municipalities often have different rules regarding borehole drilling activities as well as when, how and if you need to register your borehole. Furthermore the type of sediment and rock could require more advanced drilling techniques which makes working with an area expert essential. Drilling into clay or dolomite for example comes with its own set of problems. If you work with a borehole company that knows the geological features of the area it will dramatically increase your chances of success.

How deep are boreholes in Gauteng usually?

There are multiple factors that influence the depth of a borehole, however in our experience most boreholes in Gauteng range between a depth of 48m-90m. Use that as a guide when getting quotes from suppliers.